Black. Young money.

After a long absence, and laziness, I decided to write to you, the readers. I was busy in real life and I did not have time to do that either. But still, I want to show 3 shots. Hope you like that, these images are in black style. Inspirers were Nicky and Ri.

Me with Amaranth. Play this photoshop. It’s for fun.

It’s called Mercy


Hair+hat: Chemistry /Love this so muchhh!/

Skin+lips: Leverocci 

Glasses: Shade throne

Sweater: The secret store

Socks: Tres blah

Boots: J U D A S /Amazing work!/

And iphone by GIA

And this called Jan (female!)

Hat: Mijin /Love this so muchhh!/

Skin+lips: Leverocci 

Sweat: villena

Tights: Color.Me republic

Boots: VCO

Iphone: ZULU - Mesh. 

Thanks all. Have a nice day

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